Jordina Millà

CieLaRoque dance Company


Together with the musicians Jordina Millà and Oliver Stotz, CieLAROQUE embarks on a journey and presents a performance in the form of a structured improvisation.
An experiment, a puzzle landscape with a focus on physical intensity, abstraction, connection and collision that creates an energetic pull between musicians and performers.
The performers and musicians shape and define the content of the piece through their presence. They superimpose, fulfill and thwart expectations. A picture emerges.
Will it be abstract, or concrete, or is it just in the head at all? How is the content defined? Does complete confusion ensue, or are there clear points that connect? BACK AND FORTH is a cocktail that keeps reinventing itself.

Conception, artistic direction: Helene Weinzierl
Performers: Azahara Sanz Jara, Luan de Lima, Jolyane Langlois, Verena Pircher, Eli Hocker,
Live music: Oliver Stotz & Jordina Millà
Light: Peter Thalhamer
A co-production by: CieLAROQUE & tanzimpulse Salzburg
With the support of: City of Salzburg, State of Salzburg, BMKOES

The Austrian choreographer and native of Salzburg, Helene Weinzierl, founded CieLAROQUE in 1995, one of the most touring ensembles in the Austrian dance scene. The company has received several national and international awards. In 2005 the creation Tropea was nominated for the Amnesty International Award of the Art in Edinburgh. Her work is characterized by interdisciplinary pieces, or is dedicated exclusively to a clear and intense language of movement. Many of the productions deal with socio-politically relevant topics.