Jordina Millà

Males herbes · solo

“A first album is always a gamble on the future (and on the present); an open door, a new path being offered, a way of understanding and making music that (until that moment) did not exist. These fantastic “Males herbes” (Weeds) by Jordina Millà are all of this and even more.

This album by Jordina is above all, the unveiling of a new musical space that, even if we hadn’t realised it, we had been waiting on for a while. It’s an intimate, vibrant space that generously offers us the ability to understand and enjoy a new way of listening to and playing the piano. Here we can listen to the echoes of the past and the pre-echoes of the future. In fact, this would the definition of the present, right?

Over the course of the tracks that make up this album and that squeeze out all of the possible registers of the instrument, we find extreme concentration, focused listening (internal and external) and very feminine delicacy and determination, if one can say this. We also find a deep restless calm, a kind of relentless path carving, a way of saying something without becoming overwhelming, but without truce. Intensity is not at odds with softness, and this album is the proof. But, above all, we feel Jordina breathe through the piano, and we feel the piano breathe through Jordina. At her hands the piano is alive!

After listening to it, I ask myself: “from where does Jordina play/talk/express herself?” How does she manage to create dream-like atmospheres, travel landscapes that are so suggestive and gorgeous, that are energetic and sweet at the same time? Maybe the responses to my questions are in the choice of track titles. The weeds to which they refer only grow at high altitude, up where the air is more pure and transparent. This is where Jordina lives. It couldn’t have been any other way.

One last suggestion: I recommend that you turn up the volume in order to enjoy all of the subtleties and wonders of the harmonics of the piano. You won’t regret it.”

Agustí Fernández

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