Jordina Millà

Núria Andorrà & Jordina Millà

Jordina Millà and Núria Andorrà come from the inland of Catalonia.

Their interest in contemporary music and free improvisation lead them to collaborate on stage by uniting their musical worlds.

Jordina has extreme sensitivity in the treatment of sound using extended piano, she developed a unique musical language, focused on the research of how can we express and communicate outside of the limits of tradition. Delicacy, strength and forcefulness lead to a specific sound quality and technical control that characterize her.

Núria works in the search for sound exploitation, focusing her sound work on the resonance of the drum skin, using objects to be able to generate mini and macro sound universes escaping the conventional technique, to incorporate materials that allow her to work with textures and give it a very plastic versatility.

The union of the two artists on stage generates contrasts and symbiosis that make sounds and listeners travel to different dimensions of the present.

Jordina Millà: extended piano
Núria Andorrà: percussion