Jordina Millà


We are a group of professional musicians interested in free improvisation. Our field of work is the research and development of techniques and languages for composition in real time.

We are interested in working with free improvisation, conductions and sheet music with structured, opened, randomness or preset parts are working in the same piece.The group consists of musicians who come from different areas to make an exchange of material and languages within the group itself and to find its own language. To get it working together with composers, improvisers and different musicians that can open new lines for our research.


Celeste Alías, voice
Pablo Selnik, flute
Joachim Badenhorst, bass clarinet
Joan Antoni Pich, violoncel
Àlex Reviriego, bass
Jordina Millà, pian
Oriol Roca, drums
Laia Vallès, electronics
Núria Andorrà, percussion & artistic direction