Jordina Milla Benseny has being influenced by music since the early years, she studied classical piano in CODARTS University of Arts in Rotterdam , and there she did the Master in piano performance during that period Huygens Scholarship Program by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science of Holland has been awarded to her. After her time in Holland, she moved to Paris to continue her studies in Ecole Normale de París.

Now a days stablish in Barcelona the improvisational languages and the contemporary music are her main interests. She is actively part of the scene of improvisators there and , member of Discordian Community Ensemble , Col·lectiu Free’t and Trio Stalzim. In her recent works there is the music for “ERM” a solo piece of the Portuguese dancer and coreographer Teresa Santos, selected for the festival of Solos of Porto,

Main while she works in interdisciplinary projects, with theatre companies and dancers. As interepret she has being premier performing pieces of contemporary composers Like Henrik Denerin, among others and lately collaborating with the OCC,Orquestra de Cambra Catalana.